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LOVE ON THE SPECTRUM: Lindsey and Adam's story


In 2017, I started dating my boyfriend and best friend, Adam Pitts. We went on our first date to Macaroni Grill and talked for hours about our hopes for a more inclusive world for people with disabilities, our families and time at Chaparral High School.There is no doubt that I knew that he was my better half right then and there. We started dating after I asked him to be my boyfriend. Yes I boldly asked him.  It was bold because we're both on the autism spectrum and most people on the spectrum struggle to find love. He accepted.

We just celebrated 4 years of dating in July. It looked different for us because of the pandemic and the fact we couldn't celebrate in person. We usually go out for a nice anniversary date. But we did FaceTime each other to say Happy Anniversary. We each got each other nice thoughtful gifts. He got me an Archie Bradley jersey and I got him Apple AirPods.  

In our time of dating, we've gone to Diamondbacks game, gone on double dates with other couples, met each others families and celebrated our birthdays together. We love planning surprises for each other. We've surprised each other for our birthdays and dating anniversaries. 

There is no doubt that when people ask me about Adam- my heart fills with joy and my face with a BIG SMILE.  He is my best friend, better half and soulmate. 

One cool thing about Adam and my story is that we both received services through SARRC and had some of the same staff members help us. 

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