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Ready, Aim, Be Independent: My Journey to Independent Living

I remember watching my sisters head off to college. It was devastating for me. I was happy for them of course but I knew I would be home living with my parents.

A few years after graduation, we found the First Place Transition Academy, operated by SARRC. I was so excited to move but my parents were SO NERVOUS. I wasn't sure they'd ever leave my apartment. I learned how to live with a roommate, cook my own meals and budget my money. I have since graduated but I still talk to my friend who still live at 29 Palms.

I lived at First Place-Phoenix for four years and enjoyed participating in Community Life events and making friends. 

With a new chapter professionally, came a new adventure personally. I recently moved into my own place in Scottsdale and am thriving. I receive habilitation services through HOPE Group and work with a provider on skills like budgeting, eating healthier and cleaning my own apartment. 

I remain close friends with many of my friends from First Place-Phoenix and am working with staff on creating a First Place alumni group for former residents and Transition Academy students who recently graduated or moved out. 
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